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2016 Shuswap Ringette Slideshow


Registration for the upcoming 2016/17 ringette season is NOW OPEN.  Download the updated form HERE, complete and simply drop in the SRA letter box in the foyer of SHAW CENTER or mail to Shuswap Ringette (see "Contact Us" section).  Registration must be received by JUNE 30th to be eligible for the early bird discount.  Please remember that there are several options to help with registration costs, including the SRA Payment Plan (which CAN be used in conjunction with the early bird discount).  


Registration is now open for the SRA Summer Slam Ringette Camp which is being run August 29th to September 1st, 2016.  This is a challenging and energetic four day camp focusing on conditioning, power skating and strengthening ringette skills.  Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM and drop off at the Shuswap Ringette drop box in the Shaw Center foyer, or mail to Shuswap Ringette (address in 'Contact Us'). Leigh Robinson (Leigh@robcan.ca) can be contacted with any questions.

2016 Scholarship Winners Announced!

The Shuswap Ringette Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce the winners of this years scholarships. 

The recipients are:

Tasha Johnson:  Winner of a $500 SRA Scholarship
Avia Latosky:  Winner of a $500 SRA Scholarship
Beth Lucier:  Winner of a $250 TORL Scholarship and a $250 SRA Scholarship.

Congratulations to these deserving winners!

2016 SRA Scholarship Applications

Shuswap Ringette is pleased to accept applications for the 2016 SRA Scholarship from eligible applicants. There will be up to two $500 scholarships available. The scholarship policy can be found on the SRA website within the "Resources" and "Policy" menus, or simply click HERE for the link. This policy details how to apply for a scholarship and what criteria the scholarship committee will be judging the applications by. Please read it carefully and supply all requested information.

Complete applications can be sent to Tobiah Riley at rileywater@telus.net, can be mailed to the SRA mailing address shown on the website, or can be delivered in person if prearranged. The deadline for application submissions is May 15th.

If there are any questions, please contact Tobiah Riley at the above email address.

Ringette RePlay

Has your child outgrown their ringette equipment?. Please consider donating it to Ringette Replay, where it will help a child get started in ringette. Initially we are looking for equipment suitable for the Bunnies and Novice levels. Please leave any items in the box market Ringette Replay at the arena.

Kid Sport

Kid Sport believes that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport™ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

Click here for more details

Goalie Incentive Policy

Click here to view the NEW Goalie Incentive Policy


Click here to view a list of all required equipment.

Mentorship Program

We are also looking for someone to head up this program, please contact Leian if you are interested.

Interested females, aged 13 to 18, can participate in the mentoring programme to mentor existing players as well as recruiting new players through the "Come-Try-Ringette" Program. 
The Mentors (Coach-in-Training) will be assigned a team and will work alongside Head Coaches of the Shuswap Ringette Association.  

If you have any questions regarding the Mentorship Program, please contact Read Latoskyat email toskman@me.com

Click HERE for more information.
Click HERE to print the Mentorship Program Hourly Log Form

Long Term Athlete Development

Click here to view the Ringette Canada and 2010 Legacies -
Now Long Term Athlete development presentations.

Shuswap Ringette Association would like to thank Askew's for the use of their meeting facilities.
Shuswap Ringette Association would like to thank the City of Salmon Arm for awarding Shuswap Ringette with a $2,500 Grant in Aid that was used to send a number of our female parents to the CI Level Coaches Clinic.With this type of support our association was able to add new female coaches to our bench staff.
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