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About Ringette

What is Ringette?

Ringette is a sport invented in Canada by Sam Jacks in Ontario. It has been played since 1963. The emphasis is on team play and skill development. It is generally acknowledged that ringette is the fastest game on ice, and ringette players are known for their skating and ring handling skills.

No experience is necessary to play ringette. Part of the aim of the sport is helping players to learn and develop a life-long love of this exciting sport.

There are 50,000 participants in Canada in all 10 provinces as well as the Northwest Territories. Ringette is also played in the USA, Finland, France, Sweden, Japan and Russia.

How is Ringette played?

  • Games consist of two 18-minute periods. (Junior age and up play 20 minutes).
  • Each team has 6 players on the ice at any time: 2 defense; 2 forwards; 1 centre; and one goalkeeper.
  • Play is with a regulation Ringette stick and a round, rubber ring.
  • Players must pass the ring over the blue lines as they move up and down the ice.
  • The rink consists of three zones, two end zones (defensive and attacking) and a neutral zone. Three skaters from each team are allowed in the end zones.
  • Only the goalkeeper is allowed in the crease.

What equipment is worn?
All players must wear:

  • a CSA approved helmet with a regulation Ringette facemask, which has a smaller gauge than a hockey mask.
  • BNQ approved neck guard
  • elbow pads
  • knee pads
  • girdle/hockey pants with pelvic protection
  • padded gloves
  • hockey skates
  • shoulder pads
  • shin pads

Ringette Season runs from September to the end of March. Teams within our league have the opportunity to participate in Provincial Championships. At the Tween level and above, there is the opportunity to play on regional All-Star teams.


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