December 13-15, 2019

  Age Divisions Available:


Guaranteed 4 games
All games played at Shaw Centre

For more information contact:  Jodi Crocker

Registration deadline:  November 15, 2019


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Tournament Rules

The official rules of Ringette (as outlined by Ringette BC) will apply.

1. Teams must be ready to go on the ice fifteen (15) minutes before game time. Teams not on the ice within two (2) minutes of referee’s whistle being blown to start the game will forfeit the game. This is required to ensure the tournament stays on schedule. However, the game will be played as an exhibition with a final score of 7-0.

2. Score sheets are to be picked up at the Hospitality Desk at the arena by the scorekeeper. They are to be completed and signed by all bench staff at least fifteen (15) minutes before game time. No additions to be made to rosters (players or bench staff) without an approved BCRA Team Adjustment Form submitted online.

3. A maximum of 18 skaters may be dressed for any game.

4. During the round-robin play and semi finals, HOME teams must provide a timekeeper and shot clock operator. VISITING teams must provide a scorekeeper. The Holiday Ring Committee will provide minor officials (scorekeeper/shot clock/timekeeper) for all final games.

5. In case of conflict in uniform colour, the VISITING team must change their uniforms. Referees shall decide if there is a conflict in uniform colour.

6. All pre-game warm ups will be three (3) minutes.

7. Length of halves shall be eighteen (18) minutes for U9 to U19. There will be a two (2) minute break between halves. All play is stop time unless the 1-hour time limit is reached.

8. Due to the large number of games and requirement to stay on schedule, all round-robin games have a set time limit of one (1) hour. The referees reserve the right to knock down the clock prior to the 1 hour limit if time is running out. When there is 5 minutes left of ice time, the clock may be put down to 3 minutes and the period finished utilizing stop time.

9. During semi-final and final games, game times shall not be reduced.

10. A Shot clock will be used in games for U12 and above.

11. A maximum 3 goal limit per player per game is allowed in the U9, U10 and U12 Divisions. Additional goals by the player will not be registered on the score sheet.

12. Game scores will be posted on the time clock for U10 and up. Game results and scores will be posted and recorded for tie-breaking procedures with a MAXIMUM SEVEN GOAL DIFFERENCE based on the losing teams score.

13. Teams will be credited with two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss during round-robin play. Tie games will stand during round-robin play. In the event of a tie in standings between teams prior to semi-finals and finals, please refer to the tie breaking procedures.

14. In semi-final and final games, the higher placed team shall be HOME.

15. Medals will be awarded to all U9, U10 and U12 participants following their final game of the tournament, and to participants in the Final game of their division (Silver and Gold).

16. No ties will occur in semi-final and final games. All ties will be decided by a 5-minute sudden victory 4 on 4 overtime period. Ring possession will be determined by coin toss, with the home team calling the toss. The team that wins the coin toss gets the free pass to start the overtime, the team that loses the coin toss picks which net they want to defend.

If after one period of overtime the game is still tied, the game will be decided by a shootout. The Head Coach or designate makes a list of three shooters and provides it to the Minor Officials. Winner of the coin toss to start the overtime also starts the shootout. The teams will alternate shooters until a winner is declared. The winner is the first team to reach a statistical win (i.e. Team A has two goals after two shots, Team B has no goals after two shots, Team B cannot statistically win, so Team A is declared the winner before all shooters are finished). If the score is still tied after all six shooters are finished, the teams will alternate shooters in a "sudden victory" format (i.e. if Team A scores and Team B does not score, Team A wins the game).

In the event of a sudden death shootout, the Head Coach or designate may only select and use players as shooters that have not already participated in the shootout until all players (excluding goalies) have been utilized.

If a winner is still not declared when all eligible players have participated in the shootout, the team may use any shooter they choose, but not continually.

17. Teams must declare Goaltender(s), Captains, and Alternate Captains on the game sheet by indicating (G), (C), (AC).

18. Good sportsmanship will be stressed through the tournament. Any TEAM accumulating MORE THAN 30 penalty minutes in any ONE GAME, shall see the Head Coach or Acting Coach for that game suspended for their next tournament game. Grievances will not be accepted. A MATCH penalty will automatically result in game suspension from all subsequent tournament games. Any one player accumulating MORE THAN 10 penalty minutes in any ONE GAME will be ejected from the game. Any player or coach ejected from a game will get an automatic 1 game suspension plus any further games as deemed appropriate by the rules committee. 


20. Any team wishing to file a protest may do so by submitting their request in writing, along with $100 cash, to the Hospitality Desk. Notification of protest must be received within one hour of the incident occurring to enable sufficient time to deal with the protest. A Grievance Committee will meet to deal with any protests received. If the protest is upheld, the $100 will be refunded. Protests involving referee judgment will not be accepted.




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